***** Boarding check-out times are during AM open hours. ***** Boarding check-in times are during PM open hours.
Lake Sharpe Pet Resort

(605) 223-2818

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(Monday - Friday) hours to 7am - 9am and 4pm - 6pm

Lake Sharpe Pet Resort

Our facility offers boarding, daycare & grooming for dogs & cats. We look forward to taking care of your pets for years to come!


We are a dependable overnight and daycare service for both dogs and cats.

Dogs are taken outside for breaks every three to four hours throughout the day. Please bring current vaccination records upon arrival including Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella. Current vaccinations are required for the safety of the other pets and our staff.

Food $2.00/Cup
Vet Visit $15.00/Pet
Bedtime Snack  $1.00
Peanut Butter Kong  $2.00-$4.00
Meds $5.00/Day
Insulin Administration $10.00/Day 

Lake Sharpe Pet Resort Boarding Service

Dog Boarding

Regular Run – $26.50/night

Additional pets sharing same run $21.50/night

Small Suite – $31.50/night

Additional pets sharing same room $26.50/night

Large Suite – $36.50/night

Additional pets sharing same room $26.50/night

Cat Condos

We offer fun condos for your cat’s roaming and entertainment needs during their stay with us.


Additional cats sharing same condo $13.50/night

Contact Info

602 Far West Road
Fort Pierre, South Dakota
(605) 223-2818

Hours (Central Time)

7am - 9am and 4pm - 6pm
8am-9am & 5pm-6pm
8am-9am & 6pm-8pm